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The United States popularized salads in The Kitchen Door


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The most popular Red, white, and Blushing wine collection we have.

Starter Menu in The Kitchen Door

Enjoy your food beginning with Starters or Appetizer.

Served on toasted olive ciabatta with fresh plum tomatoes and basil, drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil

Chicken Potstickens
Served with Chili Mint Sauce

Chicken Tikka Sticks
Served with Lime Glaze and Mango.

Classic Prawn Cocktail
Atlantic prawns on a bed of lettuce

Crispy Aromatic Duck
Shredded duck served with hoisin sauce and strips of cucumber & spring onion, pancakes

Crispy Chicken Strips in a Southern Fried Crumb
With a spicy tomato salsa sauce

Crunchy Japanese tiger prawns
Coated with black bean sauce, dark soy sauce and sugar

Garlic and Herb Breaded Mushrooms
With a barbecue dip

“Hot” Cheesy Garlic Bread
Served hot and garnished with olives and olive oil.

Mixed Melon & Tropical Fruits
Tossed in late season honey & natural yogurt

Monkfish Terrine
With fennel confit and balsamic dressed leaves.

Pan-fried Goat's Cheese
Served with dressed cherry tomatoes, seasonal leaves,  sweet caramelized onion chutney and slices of toasted ciabatta

Seasonal Soup Served With Crusty Bread
Our soups change as per the seasons.

Smoked Chicken
With lime & ginger dressing on mizuna & baby red chard

Spicy Coated King Prawns
With a sweet chilly dip

Steak & Cheese Spring Rolls
With Dipping Sauce


Today's Specialized Items,
Lunch Menu - Low Carb Platter
Dinner Menu - Dungeness crab Melt
Desserts - Bougatsa


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Daily special items by our Chef.

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Our Speciality

The Kitchen Door is a place very famous for the Broiled Jumbo Prawns. A delicious seafood with crusty dressing and served with sweet - soy sauce is a standout combination.