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If you want to party, celebrate your happiness, rejoice your success or relive a significant moment, Kitchen Door is the hub of choice for you. Name any occasion and we have the complete package for a satisfactory bash at your service. A tasty blend of delicious food, exquisite service and enchanting ambience, Kitchen Door is all of these and that too at terrific prices!

History - With a mission to provide mouth-watering food and a place for people to enjoy significant moments of life, Kitchen Door was founded with taste in 2005 by two foodies Aaron and Rowan.

Which freezer

There are many types of freezers on the market today. The two main types of are the upright freezer which is sometimes called the reach in freezer. The other main type would be the chest freezer often referred to as the dive in freezer. Both freezers have advantages and disadvantages.


Today's Specialized Items,
Starter - Mixed Melon & Tropical Fruits
Lunch Menu - Greek Omelets
Dinner Menu - Pork Osso Bucco
Desserts - Burnt Cream


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The Kitchen Door is a place very famous for the Broiled Jumbo Prawns. A delicious seafood with crusty dressing and served with sweet - soy sauce is a standout combination.